Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Custom Airplane MT

Here is a custom Mei Tai. This fabric was sent to me by a customer to make this beautiful MT. It is reversible - on side is the airplane print the other side is a red checkered pattern. The straps are navy blue canvas. She also requested to have a higher head support.

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Sock monkey

Remember the days of the sock monkey. Well he is becoming more popular again. Well why not - isn't he cute!

Donuts Anyone

This was a fun project. I am involved in a play food swap. Each person is making some play food to send out. I chose to make donuts.

I made strawberry frosted, chocolate frosted, jelly, glazed, chocolate eclairs, and vanilla eclairs.

These are the best kind of donuts - calorie free!

Cars "Princess" Dresses

My daughter just loves the movie Cars. Lately, the only thing she wants to wear are "princess" dresses. So I combined the two and made her a couple of Cars princess dresses. I don't have any really good photos of her wearing them yet.

I think I am going to embroider Lightning McQueen on this one. I think the white needs a little dressing up.

I also made the skirts really full. When she spins it really flairs out. What little girl does not love a spinny dress.

A few new carriers

First up is a brocade onbuhimo on black canvas straps.

Next is a pleather onbuhimo on moleskin straps. This one is the same combination of the mei tai I made the other day.

Last, this is the Blue wavy dots canvas Mei Tai on natural straps.

If you like what you see here checkout my new website: www.katydidcreations.com

Diaper bag/tote

I just finished my diaper bag to match my onbuhimo. Here are some photos:

There are two large pockets and two small pocket & magnetic closure.

The embroidered K is actually two colors - the green & teal from the diamonds.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pleather Embroidered Flower MT

This MT panel is fake leather with flower embroidery. The straps are a cushy moleskin.

Actions shot with the new owner.

Butterfly Towel

Checkout my newest hooded towel. Butterfly w/ red body and tie-dyed wings.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some more MTs

Here are a couple more MTs that I have just finished. The first one has pink linen straps.

The second on has moleskin straps with decorative stitching.

Click on the photo to enlarge to see more detail.