Monday, September 29, 2008

Helicopter Baby Bag

One of our college friends and his wife just had a baby boy. He works on helicopters so we thought this fabric would be perfect. I made a baby bag (as we call them) because it was my husband's favorite thing for newborns. It is a daddy-friendly outfit for diaper changes - no snaps, zippers or buttons! Welcome to the world baby Ryan!

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Tiered Goldfish Skirt Set

This set was to help a little girl feel better about preschool. She and her mom loved the goldfish fabric and the little girl's favorite color is yellow. So I did my best to combine the two.

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Sports Hoodie

This hoodie is for a young man who loves football and all sports. His school colors are blue and gold. If you click on the photos you can see the details of the layered sleeves.

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Floral Dots & Stripes Hoodie

I love the fun colors of the hoodie. It is for a 12 year old girl.

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Bamboo Flower Girl Dresses

I was commissioned to make a couple of flower girl dresses. The bride's dress is made from bamboo silk, but for the little girls we decided that this bamboo woven would work better. The dresses are simple tie shoulder dresses. The tie back are attached to the dress between the bodice pieces using buttons. This was done to allow the tie backs to be changed is desired. The bridesmaids dresses are a sapphire blue. My customer was not sure if she would be able to get some of the blue fabric from the bridesmaids dresses. These dresses are so sweet in real life. It is hard to photograph a solid off white dress.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Butterfly Tunic & Yoga Pants

This outfit is for a little lady who loves butterflies. She will be turning 3 soon! The top is a twirly tunic and the pants are yoga pants with a matching embroidery design.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Apples & Pears

This set is for a little lady who loves pink and her mama adores the Apple & Pears fabric.

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Sewing Machine cover & accessories

The is the last post about the Disney swap. Also on my partner's wist was a sewing machine cover and a pin cushion. She also loves Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Here is the sewing machine cover I made. The appliqu├ęs were meant to be more like outlines with enough detail to determine who they are.

This was the first time I made a pin cushion - also and item on her wist.

Some fun pattern weights.
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Mickey Shirts

Some more things from my Disney Swap. My partner had shirts similar to this on her wist. I have not tied dyed anything since high school (which was a long time ago). So I went looking online for a tutorial. I found this one. The shirts I purchase were 50% cotton and 50% poly which I thought would be a problem. But I soaked in a soda ash soultion first and then went ahead and tried it anyway. Well, it seems to have worked. I have washed them once and it did not run. I made a total of 6 shirts (4 for the swap and 2 for my children). I have been informed that I need to make some more for our October Disneyland trip.

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Name Pillows

These pillows were part of my Disney swap package. My partner has three children so I made a pillow for each of them. The girls are all about princesses. Her son is into cars.

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Dolly & Me Nightgowns

What is more cute - than little ladies and dollies in matching nightgowns? Three sister are going to be so adorable with their dolls. All the nightgowns are cozy flannel with a decorative trim around the necklines and sleeves. The dolly ones will fit an 18 inch doll. If you click on the photos you can see more detail.

For the youngest one:
The next older:
The oldest of the three:
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Twirling flowers

This dress is for a little ladies birthday!

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Twirling - Mendocino style

Have you seen Heather Ross's new Mendocino line of fabrics. She has done a great job with this line. It comes in multiple colorways. Here is a twirling dress made with the blue/orange colorway. The bodice is just a peasant style and the skirt is a modified redondo.

I am not sure what his photo is sideways - but here is a shot of the bloomers too.

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Boys love trucks

Just a couple of play sets.

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Cupcakes & Lollipops

So sweet! Timeless treasures fabric of cupcakes and lollipops make up the wavy layers of this Sasha dress.
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Tink Yoga Set

This is for a Disney swap that I am working on. Note - the tinkerbell embroidery is from the Disney brother machine and I cannot sell anything with that embroidery on it. The photos are a little dark.

Here is the complete set:
The tee and yoga pants:
Detail of the pullover. The hood is lined with the same fabric as the tee. The pocket is also trimmed with the tink fabric.
Detail of the tee neckline. The binding has a sparkle to it like the wings on Tinkerbell on the fabric.
Detail of the embroidery on the pants leg.

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