Saturday, December 30, 2006

Elmo Towel

This was the latest towel I have made. It was purchased as a gift for someone in the Carrier Fairy forum.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kristen's Brocade Dress

My cousin, Kristen liked a dress being sold for the American Girl dolls - but it was sold out and she wanted to choose her own fabric. So I looked for a pattern to make the dress. I did not find an exact pattern so I used an a-line dress pattern and modified it. I tapered the bottom to have a more straight form. I also changed the neckline to have a more "asian" appearance. This is the finished dress (photo taken with a flash):

Here is a close-up of the neckline. The photo was taken without a flash.

Now I just need to make a purse to match and I can mail it to her. Hopefully it fits just right. I did make a "practice dress" and sent that one to be tried on. From that I made some modifications before finishing the brocade dress.

Brocade Ring Slings

Here are two ring slings that I have just completed for custom orders. The first is a chocolate brocade with purple/blue/green butterflies. It is coordinating blue sling rings.

The second on is a black and silver brocade. I love this fabric so much I have decided to make one for myself as well.

The photos do not do these justice. I love the brocades. These fabrics are prewashed so that the slings are machine washable.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

MDC swap - rag quilt, tote & frog towel

I just mailed this warm quilt to one lucky little lady. This quilt is mad of two layers of flannel. It has been finished in the "rag" style. The first photo shows the detail of the rag finish. The second photo shows both sizes if the quilt. There are still some little strings from the ragging process (washing & drying).

The hardest part of making a quilt like this is the cutting of all the seams. I read a suggestion to use spring loaded scissors and now I understand why...tired hands. This quilt is approximately 45" x 60" and the squares 5".

The next thing I made for the MDC swap was a tote bag. It was requested in solid colors. I hope the woman receiving likes it:

It is lined in the cream color and the straps are two-toned.

The last gift I made for this swap was a hooded character towel. Meet Froggie - he is going to live with a little man and be his summer pool wrap.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Diaperswappers DIY swap

Here are some photo of my projects from the DIY swap on diaperswapper. I received kit to make a stenciled shirt, tie-fleece blanket, I spy bags, and a photo collage. So far I have only found the time to make the blanket and the shirt. Here is the blankets I made. I cut the fabric that I was send in half and made them the perfect size for my children to use in their car seats. These are so easy and fun to make. I have found that you really do need to make the fringe wide - or your fingers get really tired from knotting. The fringe looks better wider too.

The next project that I completed was the stenciled tee shirt. I started with a long sleeve tee shirt from Old Navy, stencil and fabric paint. My daughter helped me with the painting so the links are not absolutly clean (but she loved helping me make it and that matters more than perfection - right). We also decided that a sparkle was needed for the center of the flower. First I tried to use one of those stone setter to affix the rhinestone but it put a hole in the fabric. So I have to find a larger rhinestone than I really wanted and I used gem glue to affix the rhinestone. The photo was taken before the gule dried - and it did dry clear. It has held up well going through both the washer and dryer.

Thanks to the ladies who sent me these projects! It has been really fun to try something new.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hooded Toddler/ Baby Towels

Cuddle your baby or toddler in one of these towels. You can choose from frog, bunny, puppy, duck, horse, princess, butterfly and more. The towels are standard size bath towel. More than enough to wrap around your little ones. It can be made either wrap or poncho style. Here are some examples of the towels:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Too Cute Tu-tus

Tutus are really cute on little girls playing dress-up. My daughter just loves hers and calls it "My princess!" I have made them completly adjustable so that they can be worn my girls of all ages - toddlers to mommies!

Autumn Leaves Onbuhimo

Here is my latest onbuhimo. It is made using an autumn leaves pattern fabric and black twill. I used a variegated autumn color thread to stitch a leaf design on the straps. The rings are small rings from slings rings. Here are some photos:

I cannot wait for the mama to see this IRL. I have sent her photos and she loved it - but it looks so much richer IRL.

Here are some more slings that I have made. I do mainly custom work.

Thanks for letting me share.


Hello -

I have been working on so many projects lately that I have decided to create a blog to showcase some of my projects.

Most of my of my projects are sewing related to children. I have been making slings, MTs and onbuhimos for some time now. Recently I have tried bags, hooded towels, tutus, and other fun things.

Thanks for taking a look,