Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue Brown Floral Onbuhimo

This fun floral print is paired with tan strap and silver rings in this onbuhimo. It is also reversible to the embroidered pleather panel.

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A Couple Slings & a Mei Tai

First up a bright blue brocade ring sling. I love these brocades. It so elegant and definitely washable! The shoulder is a hot dog shoulder with larger ring slings.
The rich chocolate ring sling is accented with Robert Kaufman's Sophia Orchard. The shoulder is a gathered shoulder with small sling rings.
I just love the Chocolate Lollipop line. Here is a mei tai made from the turquoise fabric in that line.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

She Likes it!

Well she likes it! Here are some modeling photos.

"This is what Cinderella does"
View of the back:
The fun twirling shot:
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Princess Dress to fit a Princess

Well, my daughter insistes on only wearing Princess dresses (any dress that flairs way out when you spin). Since we are going back to Disneyland for her birthday - I thought she needed a fancy Princess dress.

I started with the idea of a halter style dress. I also wanted the back to be shirred (I thought it would look better than just encased elastic). So I found a basic halter pattern and modified from there. I added the shirred back panel. The skirt is almost a complete circle to maximum twirl factor - which is very important to my daughter. Three fabrics were layered in this skirt. The under skirt is a sparkly pink fabic, the middle layer is a layer of tulle, and the top skirt is the princess fabric. All the skirts are finished with a rolled hem. I really like the rolled hem on the tulle. The search is now on for the perfect button - I am thinking a princess crown. I am not sure why it matters though with my daughter's long hair no one will ever see it - LOL.

Here is the result:

This is just a detail photo of the skirt hems.

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Tinkerbell Disney Patchwork Dresses

After I posted the photos of my daughter's Disney patchwork dress, I was commissioned to make a pair of them for sisters.

One is size 18 month and the other is about a 4/5T. The large one is made of 151 5-inch patches and the smaller one is 40 5-inch patches. So in total I sewed about 190 patches together to make these two dresses. The older sister is just crazy about Tinkerbell so both bodice fronts are Tinkerbell and the back bodice has the work Princess centered on it.

The dress are just about complete circles for maximum twirl factor. Can you just imagine the little one twirling in these dresses?

This is the 18 month one:

I don't think I could get all the patches in the photo. Here is the 4/5 one:

Not a great photo - but here are the two of them together.

If is fun to be able to use so many different fabrics in 2 dresses.
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Monday, February 18, 2008


I love my ds in orange - here is another fabric that fits the bill. The complete set is a curved raglan shirt, camp shirt, and pants with lots of pockets!

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This skirt is for a little girl who is having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party for her second birthday. Happy Birthday! In this redondo skirt I paired an aqua Mickey icon fabric with some fun stripes.

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Twirling Free Spirit

This dress style is just too fun. For this dress I combined a fun Free Spirit print with a pink and purple. The direction I was given for this dress was that the little girl loved pink and purple. I hope she likes it. This dress is a size 3T.

Thanks for looking!

Tiny Dress

This sweet little knit dress is covered with flowers and butterflies. It is the smallest dress I have made - sized 3-6 month. The bloomers are too cute. The sleeves, hem and bloomers are finished with a lettuce edge in a soft pink.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tunic & Yoga Pants

This blue/brown floral fabric just needed to sewn into something fun. I love this new tunic pattern! It is nice for my daughter - because it spins. She refuses to wear almost anything other than spinny dresses. These are the first pair of yoga pants I have made. I am pleased with the result. Next I will have to try some for myself.

I am trying to sew up some new cooler weather for our trip to PA. If she had her own way she would just wear summer dresses.

Detail of the embroidery on the pants:

My daughter said she would model it for some photos - but she wanted to make silly faces. So I took the chance to get some photos.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Princess Perfect

This wavy twirling dress is perfect for your little princess. Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Princess Aurora adorn this dress and are accented in the bottom tier. The photos do not do this dress justice. It is a nice shade of purple with a slight sparkle.

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Burgundy Butterfly Brocade

This rich burgundy brocade is accent with butterflies is paired with red rings from It gives such an elegant feel to an everyday sling.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Flower Paisley Ruffled Carpi Set

This sweet set is for a birthday girl! The capris are made with the a great floral print by Kauffman. The ruffle on the capris is a coordinate paisley. To tie the outfit together the top is embroidered with three flowers in the colors of the pants.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Disney Patchwork Dress

Well my daughter loves all the Disney characters - not just the Princesses (although they are pretty high on the list). So I decided to make her a dress to show off all of the characters that I had in fabric. It is not quiet finished - I am not sure how I am going to finish the straps (button, mitten clips) and the hem is not finished yet. I may just turn and topstitch it. It is a circle dress for maximum twirl factor!

Here is the result:

Thanks for looking!

Dream Bikes Redondo Set

I am loving this Dream Bikes fabric by Heather Ross. My husband also loves it - he thinks he may like this set better then the Wave Dress I made for our daughter. I am not sure if I have enought of this fabric left to make her a redondo set. Maybe I need to order more of this fabric. I love the contrast with the floral in this redondo set. The shirt really does match better then the photos shows. The lighting is bad today - it is raining in AZ!

Sweetheart Twirls

Just in time for Valentine's Day. This redondo set is the perfect combination of heart and swirls. The applique is all done in pink on pink to give that soft look.

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Into the Woods with Sophia

This redondo skirt set uses Sophia Orchard by Kauffman and some of the Into the Woods fabrics from Joann's. I love how the embroidery on the shirt pulls all the fabrics together.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sweet Little Dress for a Sweet Little Girl

This sweet little dress is made from the fun Chocolate Lollipop fabrics by Free Spirit. The waist is accented by a double ribbon.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Flaming Dragons, Hawaiian Green Crab & Rockets - for the boys

These short sets are being shipped off to brothers. It is nice to make some boy things too. The shorts are all board short length.

First: Flaming Dragons in size 7.

Next: Hawaiian Green Crab (who says crabs are not green) in size 5

Last: Rocket set in size 2
Thanks for looking!