Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birch Blossom Twirling Style

These were just finished for sisters. The redondo set is a size 6 and the dress is a 12-18 month. The dress is a peasant top bodice with a redondo style skirt. I really love the embroidery on the redondo set! I will have to use it on something for my dd.

Redondo Set:
Twirling Dress:
The two together (I can never figure out how to best photo dresses together):
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Twice the Twirls

I just finished a new skirt set. It is the Laguna pattern from Studio Tantrum. It is a two layer spiraled circle skirt. When your little one twirls you see the two layers. I am not sure I am in love this the shirt and embroidery yet. It will have to be modeled for me to know for sure - hopefully in the morning.

Just the skirt:
Skirt and embroidered top:
Thanks for looking!

On A Whim Wavy Dress

I was commissioned to make an Easter dress with some chicks on it. The On A Whim fabric by Kaufman was a perfect choice. The green flowered fabric is actually from Joann. I love this dress style! Simple peasant top bodice with a wavy layers with lots of twirl factor!

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monthly Basket Towels

I have started working on this collection of towels. It has been a slow start. I had hoped to have them done before Christmas but that was not the case. Each towel takes a little more than an hour to embroider. The designs are from Julia Needles Designs. Here are some photos of the first 4 towels. Now I have a couple of months until I need the rest done.
Detail of January:
Detail of February:
Detail of March:
Detail of April:
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Modeled Shots of the Baby/Toddler Dresses

I just received these adorable photos of the little girl modeling the baby/toddler dresses. She is just too cute!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Buzz Lightyear Hoodie

Here is another hoodie. This one is for my best friend's son. He loves Buzz Lightyear. Hopefully it arrives in the mail before she see this post.
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Butterfly Thermal Jammys

I made my mother-in-law some thermal jammys for Christmas. She really loves them - so I made another pair and I mailed them off today. Hopefully she receives them in the mail before she sees my post here.

Thanks for looking!

Pooh Hoodie

My son loves Winnie the Pooh. So here is the hoodie I made him for out trip to Disneyland.

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Cinderella Hoodie

My daughter is just crazy about Cinderella these days. I made this hoodie for her for our trip to Disneyland.
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Flannel Redondo Sets

I would not have thought to use flannel for a Redondo skirt, but I had a request for one (actually two for sisters). These are made from quilter's flannel. One is a size 2 and the other is a size 4.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Cute Baby/Toddler Dress

Here is another dress I just finished to go with the other two I posted below. The top is a peasant style and the skirt is a modified redondo skirt.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cute Twirly Baby/Toddler Dresses

Here are two dresses I just finished. The mom really like the redondo skirts - but her baby is in 12-18 month clothing. I used a self drafted peasant top for the bodice and modified the skirt pattern to fit my needs.

This first one is in the Chocolate Lollipop fabrics by Free spirit. The skirt is a modified redondo.

The second one is in Iota flower & paisley by Kauffman. The skirt was is similar to the Sasha pattern - wavy tiers. I love the simplicity of the embroidery on the bodice.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All New Katydid Creations Website!

We just uploaded our revamped website. If you have the chance and would like to look, I would love to have your opinions. We are going to make the Hyena Cart and Blog match soon.

Thanks for any input or suggestions to make it better.

Jeans & Knit Top for Me!

I am so tired of not being able to find jeans that fit me properly. So I decided to make my own. I like to wear my jeans around my hips and loose in the thigh area. To get that in RTW jeans - I need to size up and the waistband is usually too big. I used the latest women's ottobre issue for both of these patterns. I modified the jeans to taper more in the waist area. It made need to come in some more. A couple more iterations and I should have it exactly how I like them. I even did the rivets on the pocket. The top is a also from that issue. I fund this fun knit - it is very thing though. I think I will size the top down next time.

Front of the Jeans:

Back of the Jeans (please don't mind my big butt):

Knit Top: (The bound neckline could use some help - but the fabric was so thin to work with.)

And the whole outfit:

Thanks for looking.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Goldfish Vida Dress

This style is just so much fun. There are so many variations that can be made with this dress! In this one, I used the Heather Ross Goldfish fabric and some others that just coordinated. I cannot wait to sew up the next one. If it was not so late tonight I would cut another one out.

Thanks for looking!

Dream Bikes Wave Dress

My husband loves this fabric for our daughter. It has taken me a little while to figure out what I wanted to make with it. I finally decided on a wave dress. It has lots of twirl factor. My daughter just loves it! She actually tried it on while I was making it.

Thanks for looking!

Boxers & Lounge Pants

I tried something new. Men's boxers! I made these for my brother-in-law for Christmas. He is such a good sport and modeled so I could take photos for my blog.

And a pair of lounge pants for good measure.

Thanks for looking.

Annie / Funky Geomtric Wrap Dress & Jeans

This wrap style dress is for a little girl who just turned 2 and loves the movie Annie.

Back of the dress on the Annie side.

Funky Geometric side with jeans.

Appliqued shirt and embellished jeans.

Thanks for looking.

Penguin Christmas Jammys

Cuddle up with these cozy thermal jammys. Penguins are perfect for boys or girls. These particular ones are for brother.

Thanks for looking.

Aircraft Raglan

This curved raglan sleeve shirt pairs a fun aircraft print with a soft strip. My little man is just getting to big!

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Few Magical Outfits

These outfits were fun to make. I finished them right after our trip to Disneyland.
First up is a Cinderella Redondo Set. What girl would not love twirling in this set!

Here is another Cars Redondo Set. Lightning McQueen is framed in this set.

I am just in love with this Tinkerbell set.

Thanks for looking.