Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chocolate Roses Mommy and Me Style

A women on one of the forums I read show a dress made the a beautiful chocolate rose fabric. I knew then that I wanted Mommy & Me outfits for my daughter and I. For my daughters, it is a tie-shoulder bodice and a very full tea length skirt. The skirt is about 90 inches around for maximum twirling. My daughter will not wear a dress that does not spin - and she only wears dresses these days. There is also a large bow with long tails in the back to add a splash more of the pink.

Here is a spinning photo for good measure:
For me, it is a classic a-line skirt. I used a drawstring style waistband on the skirt. Next I need to make a new top to finish the outfit.
One photo of us together.
Thanks for looking!

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