Friday, December 01, 2006

Diaperswappers DIY swap

Here are some photo of my projects from the DIY swap on diaperswapper. I received kit to make a stenciled shirt, tie-fleece blanket, I spy bags, and a photo collage. So far I have only found the time to make the blanket and the shirt. Here is the blankets I made. I cut the fabric that I was send in half and made them the perfect size for my children to use in their car seats. These are so easy and fun to make. I have found that you really do need to make the fringe wide - or your fingers get really tired from knotting. The fringe looks better wider too.

The next project that I completed was the stenciled tee shirt. I started with a long sleeve tee shirt from Old Navy, stencil and fabric paint. My daughter helped me with the painting so the links are not absolutly clean (but she loved helping me make it and that matters more than perfection - right). We also decided that a sparkle was needed for the center of the flower. First I tried to use one of those stone setter to affix the rhinestone but it put a hole in the fabric. So I have to find a larger rhinestone than I really wanted and I used gem glue to affix the rhinestone. The photo was taken before the gule dried - and it did dry clear. It has held up well going through both the washer and dryer.

Thanks to the ladies who sent me these projects! It has been really fun to try something new.

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