Thursday, December 07, 2006

MDC swap - rag quilt, tote & frog towel

I just mailed this warm quilt to one lucky little lady. This quilt is mad of two layers of flannel. It has been finished in the "rag" style. The first photo shows the detail of the rag finish. The second photo shows both sizes if the quilt. There are still some little strings from the ragging process (washing & drying).

The hardest part of making a quilt like this is the cutting of all the seams. I read a suggestion to use spring loaded scissors and now I understand why...tired hands. This quilt is approximately 45" x 60" and the squares 5".

The next thing I made for the MDC swap was a tote bag. It was requested in solid colors. I hope the woman receiving likes it:

It is lined in the cream color and the straps are two-toned.

The last gift I made for this swap was a hooded character towel. Meet Froggie - he is going to live with a little man and be his summer pool wrap.

Thanks for looking.

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